Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Reviewers

  My thoughts vary when it comes to book reviews.  Of course I am human and would like all good ones, but this is life and I stop trying to please everyone many years ago.

  Concerning Book Reviews. All are welcome. Here is how I look at things. I have three children, I have raised by myself. One likes carrots, but only steamed, the other likes them raw and the third, does not care for them at all - My point, you can not please everyone, so just do the best you can in life. I am a story teller and not looking for an English grade -- 
Best Island Joe

    One reviewer gave me a bad review.  I take the good with the bad.  None of us have a choice.  The reviewer wrote my writings reminded them of the old TV show Leave it Beaver. Simple.  My thoughts are I wish I could right as timeless as those who wrote this TV show.  I grew up watching Leave it to Beaver and from time to time catch the show on late night TV.  I grew up under the old saying - KISS - Keep it short and simple.  I do not mean to disrespect any reviewers - good or bad. As they are entitle to their own opinions, as I am.

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This is a reading by Joe from his book - Key West Short Stories - Part 1

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About Joe D Wells

Joe D. Wells, Jr. (aka Island Joe - Key West, FL) was born in Arkansas in 1959. His childhood involved a lot of moving, attending perhaps 10 different schools, before graduating high school from Colombia Military Academy. 
He worked various jobs on the streets of Memphis i.e. waiter, booking rock bands etc., before making his stake as an off Wall Street Investment Banker, traveling the world, several times over. His knowledge of Wall Street is self taught.
Joe spent twenty odd years working in Capital Markets. His main source of clients were institutions i.e. banks, large corporations and such, then he also did business with several small countries around the world. In the end, he had his on firm, were he found it easier to do business with the large Wall Street firms, rather than working for them. This seemed odd in the beginning, but it just worked out better in the long run. He thinks his biggest year, he paid taxes on about nine million - take home pay. 
Now a days, Island Joe does not were a watch and very seldom, can you get him on the phone, and then if you ask him what day it is .. you might get a question "What does it matter?"
He moved his family to Key West, Florida in the early 90's, then losing his wife, Elizabeth, to cancer, he was left to raise three children, (Trey, Brandon & AJ) which he will tell you is no easy job and perhaps, he could have done better, but he sure could have done a lot worse. Everyone seems fairly normal.
His family started Island Joe's Coffee Roasting Company around 2005, which has gained international fame for their ability to roast fine gourmet coffee and espresso. Then he begin baking, which bakers start early in the morning. Finding he had time between baking pastries and roasting coffee for customers, he begins writing, finding the solitude at the café early the mornings to be very relaxing. He can write without being disturbed, after all Key West is a drinking island, which most occurs at night and Joe D. has be known to enjoy his drink.

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