Friday, July 13, 2012

Key West Poet Joe D Wells

I was ask which of my poems was my favorite.  Well, I wrote them and like them all, but I must say, I enjoy reading Dark Dark Dark.  It really flows well, or at least when I read it.

Dark Dark Dark
By: Joe D Wells

Dark Dark Dark is the light
Dark Dark Dark is the hope
With callused torn hands,
Slippery from the sweat 
Rolling down from his harden arms of twisted steel
He spits into them to firm his grip upon his splintered pick handle
High into the air the pick head rises
Down Down Down it flies
You hear the wind passing over the pick handle
You hear the groan from its wheeler
As the air leaves his body and his chest tightens 
Calling upon all his might, the pick head strikes home
It bounces off the harden rock
The pick handle shudders, sending the vibrations up his arms
He briefly stops to survey his strike area

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